As past attendees will know, there’s usually a BiCon Ball on Saturday evening, and it sometimes has a theme, and this year, we’ll be maintaining this semi-tradition with the theme of Feeling Fantastic!

Ask yourself, what makes you feel fantastic? – and go with it! Whether it’s who you are inside, who you fantasise about being, or anything else – just as long as it makes you feel fantastic! Full of rainbows and sparkles? Let’s see the bright colours and glitter! Tomboy with an inner femme bursting to get out? We want to know! Perhaps you’re geek and proud… but you don’t tell anyone that you like to paint. Now’s your chance to come out and play, whoever you are, or whoever you would like to be!

The idea of having a ball theme is to get your creative juices flowing when planning your wardrobes for the weekend. Getting dressed up is a great form of expressing yourself, especially at BiCon, where it’s hard to be “too weird” – and self-expression is exactly what the Ball is all about… but do remember that the theme isstrictly optional and you’ll be welcome at BiCon and the Ball whether you choose to come in Edinburgh’s sparkliest ballgown or shorts and t-shirt (well, we can hope for more sunshine, can’t we?) – as long as you respect our Code of Conduct, particularly the part about what counts as being dressed!