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We’ve been saying all along that BiCon would not be BiCon without its fabulous attendees – so to those of you who came to see us in Edinburgh last weekend, we’d like to extend a great big THANK YOU for making it truly wonderful.

311 people signed in over the four days, making it the biggest bisexual event that wasn’t specifically an International BiCon, and from the workshop facilitators to the friendly faces who sat on the desk registering attendees and answering questions, to those of you who simply walked around with a smile on your face – you all did a great job in making BiCon 2013 incredible.


We weren’t without our setbacks, but Edinburgh University and Lothian Borders Police were extremelyhelpful in helping us to deal with other organisations that caused us problems, and overall, we had lots of great feedback.

What happens now?

On Sunday, at the closing plenary, we passed the cuddly Latimer onto Jennifer, from the 2014 team, who will be co-running next year’s event at Leeds Trinity University in Horsforth from July 31st – August 3rd. You can keep up with their plans on the website, Twitter and Facebook.

If you just can’t wait until then, how about BiFest Cymru, a one day “mini-BiCon” being held in Swansea on October 5th? There’ll be a small selection of workshops and the chance to hang out with the people you met last weekend, and it’s only £5 per person.

BiCon Souvenirs

There used to a tradition of BiCon t-shirts, but we haven’t had them for some years now – since BiCon last visited Scotland, in fact. Katie was determined to make the BiCon t-shirt happen again, and (better late than never) she’s set up a Spreadshirt store full of things to wear and carry about, with our fantastic bisexual Saltire heart (above) emblazoned upon them. (There’s no mention of the word BiCon on any of the products, so if you’re not out, you’re not missing out!). We’ve chosen Spreadshirt because they have the option of shipping from the UK/EU, and a great range of clothing sizes. All products are sold at cost price to keep it as cheap as possible for you.

BiCon Survey

Since BiCon 2004, we have collected information about people who attend the event, to find out something about you, and your thoughts on BiCon and bisexuality. This information provides a profile used to compare changes in the BiCon community over time, as well as specific questions – this year we’re focusing on biphobia. Research analysing the data is then published in Bi Community News. Please complete the survey and post it back to: BiPhoria, c/o LGF, 5 Richmond St, Manchester M1 3HF.
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Issues with other groups on site
We are aware that there are issues with other groups on site misbehaving towards us, and we will be discussing it with the venue. They contributed to our Code of Conduct, and we expect them to hold other groups to it as well. PLEASE tell us about any clashes you have so that we have ammunition! Just write down what happened (ideally including which group they are, e.g. G4S, language school, etc.) and pop it into the Code of Conduct box on the desk.

Are you sleeping in Holland Block A Room 207?
We really need to talk to you! Please come and find Katie at BiCon registration desk in JMCC.

Lost Property
We have a piece of jewellery. If you’ve lost a piece of jewellery and you think it might be the piece of jewellery that we have, please come and speak to Katie.

If you have found a Samsung mobile phone, and/or 3 bottles of cider from the pantry in Holland Block A, please could you hand them into BiCon reception, as their owners would like them back.

Volunteers for registration desk
We really need volunteers for the registration desk! Please come and talk to MattP or any of the BiCon team.

DIY Disco
There are still slots for the DIY Disco – hand your playlist suggestions to Mat S please!

Fire alarm
There will be a fire alarm test at 3pm. Please don’t panic or run away from your workshops (unless of course the alarm doesn’t stop going off!)

BiCon’s rules are more stringent than the venue’s, for accessibility reasons. Please ensure you only smoke on the grassy areas.

Quiet room
If you need a quiet room, there is one by the registration desk in JMCC.

Feedback should be provided via the three Post-Its in your delegate pack rather than written directly on the posters.

Workshop changes
No workshop changes for today, but plenty of self-organised sessions. Check the noticeboards!

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On Thursday between 12 noon and 5pm, two BiCon representatives, Jennifer and Lindsey, will be at Edinburgh Waverley Station to meet people and direct them to taxis and buses.

They will usually be hanging around outside WH Smith. If you need any help or advice look out for the very tall top hat with black and white squares on it.

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The access report, covering getting to and around BiCon, is now available, with many thanks to Louise for putting the information together and taking photographs.

As ever, if you need the document in an alternate format or alternative font size/typeface/colour, please let Katie know by emailing email address removed.

Download the access report now

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Our handbook and session guides are now available, downloadable as PDFs from here:

Session Guide

We’ve made the contents page ‘linked’ so that clicking on the title you want leads you to the page in question, to make it easier when you’re looking for specific information.

If you need the programme in a different font, font size or text colour, please email Katie (email address removed) and she’ll do the best she can to help.

Limited printed versions of these guides will be available at BiCon, and any updates to them will be published around the reception desk during the event.

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We are pleased to announce that single day passes (workshops/entertainments) for Friday and Saturday at BiCon 2013 will be priced as follows:
Unwaged and students – £20
Low waged – £25
Waged – £30

Evening passes, for the evening entertainments on Thursday, Friday or Saturday only will cost (per evening):
Unwaged and students: £5
Waged: £10

These can be paid for by cash or cheque at BiCon itself – at this point, there is no pre-booking available.

Non-residential passes for the whole weekend (Thursday evening – Sunday afternoon) are also available from £65.

As a reminder, our programme is online here and our evening entertainments are here.

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This should brighten up your Monday morning… it’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for!

The workshop programme for the BiCon 2013 is now available as a PDF download: check it out now!

The session titles don’t give much away in some cases but have no fear: a special session guide will be available to download before BiCon so you can have a read about each workshop and start thinking about which sessions you might like to attend. Keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook accounts for this, and if you’ve registered, you’ll be emailed a copy in the week before BiCon. (If you haven’t registered, there’s still time to do so for non-residential passes!)

There will also be print copies available of the session guide at BiCon itself.

In addition to the official workshops in the schedule, there are a couple self-organised off-site sessions which will be publicised at reception during the event, along with details of how to sign up for them.

Please note that although this is an accurate programme at the moment, there may be last minute changes, but anything we alter will be publicised around the reception desk during BiCon itself and in the Morning Update each day.

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People Needed!

A few lovely people are needed to help at the reception desk during BiCon, and a few gophers as well. It’s a fantastic way to help out BiCon and the bi community during the event, and there’s no need to worry if you don’t know what to do: there’ll always be experienced people on hand, and the BiCon team will be around if you need help. The rota is was viewable online as an Excel spreadsheet, and all you have to do to sign up is email Katie (email address removed) telling her which shifts you’d like to volunteer for and which job you’re happy to do.

Remember to check the programme first to make sure there’s no workshop on that you really want to attend at the same time as the shift you’re offering to do.


Due to cancellations, we have a few single standard rooms available. Please email Elizabeth at email address removed if you’d like to change your booking from non-residential to single standard and she will provide you with an updated cost. First come, first served.

Also, please remember that due to the structure of the accommodation buildings, there are no self-contained flats this year, and the rooms are more like hotel rooms with shared pantries or kitchenettes. Some buildings also have common rooms. We are also sharing the accommodation buildings with other groups. Therefore, the venue is unable to group set numbers of BiCon attendees together. However, if you would particularly like to be near a few people you can e-mail Elizabeth at email address removed and she will do her best negotiations with the venue. Requests need to be submitted before Friday 5th July. Priority will be given to requests linked to access requirements.

We know that many of us will miss the flat system, but this is an opportunity for us to meet new people and make new friends!

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If you have booked on site accommodation and have not yet emailed Elizabeth about access and dietary requirements, please do so as soon as possible.

There is an on-site restaurant that is providing FREE breakfasts to everyone who has booked accommodation and we want to make sure we have enough of the right kinds of food for everyone. There are also rooms that have been adapted for various physical needs which we need to ensure we are allocating appropriately – so if you do have additional needs, getting this info to us ASAP is absolutely vital!

Once again, her email address is email address removed.

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As past attendees will know, there’s usually a BiCon Ball on Saturday evening, and it sometimes has a theme, and this year, we’ll be maintaining this semi-tradition with the theme of Feeling Fantastic!

Ask yourself, what makes you feel fantastic? – and go with it! Whether it’s who you are inside, who you fantasise about being, or anything else – just as long as it makes you feel fantastic! Full of rainbows and sparkles? Let’s see the bright colours and glitter! Tomboy with an inner femme bursting to get out? We want to know! Perhaps you’re geek and proud… but you don’t tell anyone that you like to paint. Now’s your chance to come out and play, whoever you are, or whoever you would like to be!

The idea of having a ball theme is to get your creative juices flowing when planning your wardrobes for the weekend. Getting dressed up is a great form of expressing yourself, especially at BiCon, where it’s hard to be “too weird” – and self-expression is exactly what the Ball is all about… but do remember that the theme isstrictly optional and you’ll be welcome at BiCon and the Ball whether you choose to come in Edinburgh’s sparkliest ballgown or shorts and t-shirt (well, we can hope for more sunshine, can’t we?)

DIY Disco!

In addition to the BiCon Ball, we’ll be having music on Friday and Saturday nights, and instead of the usual set-up where we have DJs controlling our music all night, we’re throwing it out to the community to decide what gets played on the dancefloor this year! If you fancy putting together a playlist of your favourite music, email your name, phone number, artist names, song titles and length of tracks to email address removed by Thursday 4th July, and if your playlist is chosen, you’ll get an email from Mat to arrange getting your tracks from him. We’ll have a notice in the registration area to advertise the running order, so that you can make sure your friends are on the dancefloor when your music is playing.

Playlists need to be 20 minutes or less, have songs that are free from very offensive language and work well together. One playlist per person!

The dancefloor will be open from 8pm til half past midnight on both Friday and Saturday nights, with the bar closing at midnight.

Movie Night

It gets even better! On top of the music, we’ll have a film night from 8 til midnight on Friday and Saturday, hosted by the Scottish Transgender Alliance. There’ll be a wide range of short and feature-length films celebrating gender diversity and bisexuality for participants to choose between, and of course, we welcome you tobring along your own favourites for inclusion.