The organising team, in consultation with previous BiCon organisers, has specifically chosen our venue because it was the best venue available for physical access. This is not to say it will be perfect for everyone, but it does feature:

  • 6 fully adapted bedrooms for wheelchair users
  • 1st floor rooms with additional features that may be useful for people with sensory impairments
  • All workshop rooms on the same floor and reasonably close to each other
  • An entrance to the campus that is close to a bus stop
  • Paved paths between all venues being used
  • Only a 10-15 minute bus ride from the train station

There are also the basics that one would expect (such as accessible toilets on the same floor as the workshops).

Known issues

However, as you know, there are always issues. Some that we have identified so far are:

  • The closest train station, Edinburgh Waverley, can be tricky to negotiate. It currently has extensive building work going on which may improve things or make them worse – check with National Rail for details. Haymarket station is further away but easier to negotiate.
  • A couple of the fully adapted rooms are further from the workshop space than is ideal. We will be talking this through with people who indicate their need for an adapted room on their booking form.
  • The workshop space is on the first floor and needs to be accessed by two lifts or one flight of stairs. We will be putting a sign on the lifts giving priority to people who require it.

Should you have any queries, concerns or suggestions, please e-mail email address removed.