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We’ve been saying all along that BiCon would not be BiCon without its fabulous attendees – so to those of you who came to see us in Edinburgh last weekend, we’d like to extend a great big THANK YOU for making it truly wonderful.

311 people signed in over the four days, making it the biggest bisexual event that wasn’t specifically an International BiCon, and from the workshop facilitators to the friendly faces who sat on the desk registering attendees and answering questions, to those of you who simply walked around with a smile on your face – you all did a great job in making BiCon 2013 incredible.


We weren’t without our setbacks, but Edinburgh University and Lothian Borders Police were extremelyhelpful in helping us to deal with other organisations that caused us problems, and overall, we had lots of great feedback.

What happens now?

On Sunday, at the closing plenary, we passed the cuddly Latimer onto Jennifer, from the 2014 team, who will be co-running next year’s event at Leeds Trinity University in Horsforth from July 31st – August 3rd. You can keep up with their plans on the website, Twitter and Facebook.

If you just can’t wait until then, how about BiFest Cymru, a one day “mini-BiCon” being held in Swansea on October 5th? There’ll be a small selection of workshops and the chance to hang out with the people you met last weekend, and it’s only £5 per person.

BiCon Souvenirs

There used to a tradition of BiCon t-shirts, but we haven’t had them for some years now – since BiCon last visited Scotland, in fact. Katie was determined to make the BiCon t-shirt happen again, and (better late than never) she’s set up a Spreadshirt store full of things to wear and carry about, with our fantastic bisexual Saltire heart (above) emblazoned upon them. (There’s no mention of the word BiCon on any of the products, so if you’re not out, you’re not missing out!). We’ve chosen Spreadshirt because they have the option of shipping from the UK/EU, and a great range of clothing sizes. All products are sold at cost price to keep it as cheap as possible for you.

BiCon Survey

Since BiCon 2004, we have collected information about people who attend the event, to find out something about you, and your thoughts on BiCon and bisexuality. This information provides a profile used to compare changes in the BiCon community over time, as well as specific questions – this year we’re focusing on biphobia. Research analysing the data is then published in Bi Community News. Please complete the survey and post it back to: BiPhoria, c/o LGF, 5 Richmond St, Manchester M1 3HF.

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