29. April 2013 · Comments Off on Start and Finish Times · Categories: Programme

We hope to open the BiCon registration desk at about 2pm on Thursday, and finish around about 2pm again on Sunday.

These times are not fixed in stone and if there are any alterations to either start or finishing time, we’ll post about it on the BiCon 2013 Twitter feed and BiCon 2013 Facebook page.

On Thursday, there will be a socialising space in one of the venue’s bars during the evening, but there will not be any official sessions. This is because we don’t have access to the main venue building on that day.

If you arrive before the evening space opens, and don’t want to sit around chatting, the extinct volcano known as Arthur’s Seat, which offers amazing views over the city, and the Royal Commonwealth Pool are both close to the site. (And of course, there’s plenty more things to do in central Edinburgh as well.)

On Sunday, if the weather is good, we hope to continue the BiCon tradition of a last day picnic to finish up any food, and again, there are plenty of things to do if you are leaving Edinburgh later.

23. April 2013 · Comments Off on Booking for BiCon · Categories: Booking

We had to suspend bookings this afternoon for a short while, because we ran out of the bedrooms we had reserved at the venue.

The good news is that we are able to secure a few more, so if you want to stay at the venue, and haven’t yet booked, you must book NOW.

We have an online booking form to make this super easy.

Because the number of available rooms is small, we will get back to you with the situation (good news or bad) as soon as possible – our confirmations are all sent manually.

The extra rooms we have been able to reserve are standard singles – between us and other groups, all of the venue’s en-suite singles have been booked. As previously announced, and as we said we would do, we cancelled the reservations for all unbooked twin and double rooms back in January. If you have booked since, want one of those rooms, and are prepared to pay the extra costs, please let us know as some can be reserved for us.

Again, if you want to stay at the venue, and haven’t yet booked, you must book NOW.

All accommodation for BiCon 2013 has now been booked.